The Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs came into existence as a separate unit in the State during the year 1966. It was a part of co-operative department prior to this arrangement. This department is the backbone of the State Government. The organization of Weights and Measures was also merged with the department during the year, 1981. The department mainly deals with the demand and supply of various essential commodities in the open market as well as Public Distribution System. The basic responsibility of the department is the enforcement of various control orders against the Essential Commodities Act, 1955 for Price Stabilization and matter relating to Weights & Measures.

Enforcement of the accuracy of Weights & Measures and those of the package commodities in the market is an  indispensable  activity  of the Government in a welfare state. For this purpose, the Weights  & Measures Organization  of the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs  Deptt. works under Legal Meteorology Act,2009. The  Legal Meteorology (Packaged Commodities)  Rules, 2011  enacted under the Legal Meteorology Act,2009 is the main source of  enforcement .

Similarly, the state of H.P. has enacted its enforcement rules 2011 under Legal Meteorology Act,2009, named  as the  H.P. Legal Meteorology (Enforcement) Rules, 2011, which are the guiding  lights for  stamping  and  verification of Weights & Measures  instruments,  procedures for licensing of  dealers, manufacturer and repairers of Weights & Measures  for the purpose of sales and service  etc;  relevant conditions  of licensing,  stamping and  verification of Weights & Measures instruments, elaborate data regarding the fees. 

Information regarding Legal Meteorlogy (Packaged Commodities) Rules. 2011

1. With the rapid expansion of trade and advancement of technology the practice of putting the commodities in the packages have become enormously popular. Putting the commodities in the packages is easier for packing, transporting, handling and distribution. The general advantage is that it saves time which is consumed in weighment and putting the things in packets; at the consumer level. Also it protects the commodities and increases their shelf life. But putting the commodities in packets has limitations of its own capacity of the packets some time conceals the identity of the commodity; on uniform packing leads to confusion in the market; undated packets results in ignorance about the freshness of the product.

2.What is a Packed Commodity:- 

Pre-Packed commodity means a commodity which, without the purchasers being present is packed in package of what ever nature, so that the quantity of the product containing therein has a pre determined value and such value can not be altered without package or its lid or cap, as the case may be, being opened or undergoing a perceptible modification and the expression " Package" wherever it occurs shall be construed as a package containing a pre-packed commodity.

3. Declaration to be made on every package- Every package shall bear thereon or on a label securely affixed thereto a definite, plain and conspicuous declaration, made in accordance with the provisions of this chapter as, to,-

(i) The Name and Address of the manufacture or where the Manufacture is not the packer the name and address of Manufacturer and Packer.

(ii) The common or generic names of the commodities contained in the package. 
Explanation: General name in relations to a commodity means the name of the genus of the commodity, for example, in the case of common salt, sodium chloride is the generic name.

(iii) The net quantity, in the terms of the Standards unit of weights & measures, of the commodity contained in the package of where the commodity contained in the package.

(iv) The month and year in which the commodity is manufactured or pre-packed;

(v) The Retail Sale Price of package.

(vi)  Where the sizes of the commodity contained in the package are relevant, the dimensions of the commodity contained in the package and if the dimensions of the different pieces are different, the dimensions of each such different piece shall be mentioned.

4.What should the consumer do while purchasing:-

(i) He must ensure that all mandatory declaration are made on the package conspicuously and unambiguously.

(ii) He must not pay excess of Maximum Retail Price.

(iii) He must prefer larger packages against the smaller ones because bulk purchase is always cheap.

(iv) For redressal of his grievances he should approach the Legal Metrology, Weights & Measures Organization. Controller of Legal Metrology at the state level, Astt. Controller of Legal Metrology and Divisional level, and Inspector, Weights & Measures at circle level.

(v) He should not be allured by cheap publicity glamour like "sale", "Discount", "Free and "Extra" marked on the packages. 

A awakened consumer is a safe consumer

Structure of the wing

The Category wise position as on 31-03-2016 of the Sanctioned Strength and the vacant posts in Weigths & Measures Wing:

Sr.No.Name and Post/DesignationSanctioned StrengthPost Vacant
2.Joint Controller0101
3.Deputy Controller0101
4.Assistant Controller0701
5.Superintendent Grade-II01--
7.Manual Assistant1909
8.Senior Scale Stenographer0101
9.Senior Assistant0201
10.Jr. Assistant/Clerk0702
11.Jr. Scale Stenographer0101
12.Maintenance Supervisor01--